An epic monster deserves an epic name

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, February 12, 2020. Fatshark and Blackfox Studios are in need of a creative soul that will help us give our unnamed monster a name that a gruesome monster deserves.

We are looking for a name, and you can be the Senior Monster Name Specialist at Blackfox Studios. The position is only open for one unnamed monster which so far is unknown to the masses.

The brief is simple, send us your best ideas for a name that people in the Dreadlands can include in their stories and tall tales, like when they faced this monstrous beast head-on bare knuckles and all and survived to tell the tale. Of course, that’s just the Dreadlands version of the fish story; no mortal man would survive a fist fight with “new name here”!

The best name submitted will be included in the game, and will forever be the name of this deadly beast in Dreadlands. Who knows, you could be the lucky person who names the monster, and get your name in the credits (hey, now you’re a game developer!).

Here’s where to send all your best name ideas

Wishlist Dreadlands on Steam

Talk Dreadlands on Discord

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