Nadia Vaeh Releases Music Video for PBS Documentary Theme Song “Front Row”

Pop artist Nadia Vaeh has teamed up with Jen Fodor to release the new music video for their upbeat single, “Front Row.” The video coincides with the release of the PBS documentary, The Dancing Man of L.A., about a free-spirited man who can be seen dancing to Vaeh and Fodor’s electric beats, making it all the way to the concert’s front row. “Front Row” is the theme song to The Dancing Man of L.A. and the music video can now be seen on YouTube.

Howard Mordoh, 69, is a retired clinical laboratory scientist, a southern California native, and possibly the world’s biggest concert enthusiast. He has been a notorious fixture of the Los Angeles music scene for decades, attending five to eight concerts per week since the 1970s and always dancing to his fullest. Easily recognizable thanks to his long white hair and spirited dance style, Mordoh’s love of live concerts spans genres and venues just as long as he can keep dancing. “Howard Mordoh is a one-man dance party, always ending up in the ‘Front Row,’” Fodor explains. “This song captures the joy he exudes when dancing to live music.” With the cancellation of live concerts in 2020 due to COVID-19, Mordoh has had to get more creative to keep dancing.

The process for the song started in Henry Ingraham’s home studio because safety protocols were still in order due to COVID-19, but as the city of Los Angeles slowly reopens, they were finally able to get together with Mordoh to shoot a video for “Front Row.” The music video was directed by Jen Fodor, who also produced and directed the documentary alongside Scott Sheppard. For the music video, Nadia Vaeh, who co-wrote the song with Fodor and Ingraham, compliments the song’s retro beat with her glittery gold tracksuit while she belts out catchy pop lyrics. The rest of the band is also decked out in 80’s flair, including Howard Mordoh, who dances his way to the front of the stage. As the song peaks, the band is joined on stage by Fodor and Mordoh, resulting in a full-blown dance party.

The “Front Row” music video is a reminder not to take life for granted. This is indicated by seeing how happy Howard Mordoh is throughout the video to finally be dancing to live music again. Nadia Vaeh and Jen Fodor want listeners to continue to remain hopeful and optimistic about the future of live music. The fun message and exhilarating song are a perfect match for your own personal dance party. You can see Howard Mordoh do his signature spin in the new documentary, The Dancing Man of L.A. available on PBS or YouTube. Watch “Front Row” now on YouTube and follow Nadia Vaeh on social media @NadiaVaeh or visit