Mythgard Gaming Review

Here is my review for Mythgard for Steam / PC:


I was able try this game out and holy smokes, its an extreme card game where its highly addictive yet showcases a promising vintage of gaming excellence.

The strategy for this gaming is good and you must be clever. You must control the skies and you must challenge the creatures out there. The mortals you have must build itself up in order to use spells, enchantments, and challenge creatures of myths. It may sound hard but in reality its easy, fun and addicting!

I was on the roll building up my minions on the battle board and getting artifacts was fun. I enjoyed it and loved the action that came with it. Be sure to cast the right spells, I didn’t know we can destroy defenses using spells until they did that to me in the game. Be alert and learn while your playing!

All in all, I enjoyed the game! It was very face paced, you had to think and it was fun. Your creativity gets going with the number of cards your given and with the infinite possibilities during the game. You must control the skies, I get that, but watch and listen, you may want to make sure your combination is good as it gets.


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