MyScale is a new award-winning smart body scale


MyScale is more than just a connected scale that tracks your weight. Equipped with a large color display, our first smart Wi-Fi scale provides a clear, comprehensive and accurate picture of your body composition. Already honored with a 2021 Red Dot Award for its innovative and superior design, MyScale is THE scale that you’ll proudly display in your home, to help you live a healthier life.

Boasting a large LED color display, our smart scale offers a wide viewing angle as well as animated interfaces. Reading and understanding your health information has never been easier than with MyScale.

Understand your body better

MyScale analyzes your body composition accurately and in real time: weight trends, BMI, body fat, muscle mass, bone and water mass are measured, to allow you to better understand your metabolism and your overall health status.

Take care of your heart

To easily monitor your health at home, MyScale measures your heart rate in less than 30 seconds and displays your cardio frequency on screen.

Track your performance and reach your goals 

Equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and compatible with Android and iOS smartphones, MyScale automatically syncs to your secure MyKronoz account in the cloud. Your data is instantly available in the MyKronoz app offering an intuitive interface, the ability to set your goals, view your activity history, measure your progress and stay motivated. Our smart scale also works with the Apple Health and Google Fit apps.

Made for the whole family

MyScale can be used by 8 different people and in complete confidentiality thanks to automatic user recognition. At each weighing, MyScale will match the data with the correct profile in the MyKronoz app.

Enjoy long-lasting battery life

Our engineers have equipped MyScale with a rechargeable battery that offers up to 1 year of battery life and is easily charged using the supplied USB-C cable.

A unique award-winning design

An innovative piece of design already honored with a 2021 Red Dot Award, MyScale stands out with its round shape, ultra-resistant tempered glass top and large color display. Available in several elegant colors, MyScale will fit perfectly into your bathroom or bedroom.