Musiqal Madness’s top five picks for League of Legends Spring Split

I will be reviewing my top five league of legend teams for spring split 2018.  I will review each position, who I think the MVP could be from each team, and a game 1 prediction.  Games begin on Jan. 20th Starting at 5 PM EST. Tomorrow I will update with the final 3-1 Rankings

Top Five:  100 Thieves




100 Thieves don’t have much of a history being a new team and all.  But they certainly have a bright future.  Plenty of Savvy veterans that can lead this team to Victory in this coming spring.  Will this team have what it takes to make it to Worlds?


The Starters

Ssumday is a very talented top laner that started out with KT Rolster squad.  He is amongst the best top laners in North American and has an extremely deep champion pool.

If someone is grabbing you pulling you into unfortunate situations it is probably Meteos.  Meteos is known for his Zac play but can mix it up in the jungle with the best of them.

Ryu is a veteran mid laner that has a background in battling some of the top competitors in the world.  He has faced some of the best mid laners in League.  Ryu has gone toe to toe with competitors like Faker of SKT and has held his own.

Support specialist and shot caller Aphromoo(formally of CLG) has joined 100T with Cody Sun and look to build a cohesive play making unit.


I think this team will land in the 5th position at the end of this year’s standings. 

If there is a MVP Ssumday will be the one to carry this team to victory.

Let’s Talk

Do you think this team has what it takes to compete with this roster?

Who do you expect to carry this team?

Will this team be able to punch their ticket to worlds?


Top Five: Counter Logic Gaming



Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has been a solid team for many years.  Although they missed Worlds last year, they are always in the running.  Even when it comes down to the final moments the season.  They remain competitive and very much in play.  This team had a few changes to improve but will it be enough to get them into Worlds this season?


The Starters

When you think about CLG top lane, you think about versatility.  Darshan can adjust his playstyle to any situation.  Need to split pusher?  Call Darshan!  Need a tank?  Call Darshan!  Need a carry?  Call Darshan!  Darshan can do it all, he has the ability to do whatever it takes for his team to win.  He gives his team flexibility and multiple ways to strategize against their opponents.

Every successful team needs an MVP caliber player.  Reignover was and still can be the MVP talent CLG needs.  During his playing days with the immortals, he seemed to be involved in every first blood and carried his team to victory from the Jungle.  Now he is looking to make a comeback after suffering a setback on Team Liquid.  If he can get back to his days of domination this team will make some noise this season.

When the stars are aligned Huhi is shooting down the competition with his Aurelion Sol skill.  This mid lane carry is an expert with his roaming style of play and can make a serious impact in lane.

In the Bot lane are a new duo looking to solidify their place as a dominate presence in the league this season.  Stixxay has been with CLG but is now paired up with Biofrost.  Stixxay has been coming into his own for years but still had an All-Star support in Aphromoo that over shadowed his talent.  Biofrost is his support now and had a similar situation with Double Lift yielding to his dominate talent.  One thing we do know is that Stixxay can carry and Biofrost can protect the carry.  The rest will be played out this season.




I expect to see this team to end up as 4th place in the spring split standings.  They have the makings of a great team but will they perform at their best to overtake some of the super teams created this season.

If any person will be MVP from this team it will be Reignover who has previously played at that level.

1st Game I am expecting a Loss against C9.


Let’s Talk

Do you think CLG will make it to worlds this season?

Can they hold their own against teams like TSM and C9?

Is Reignover going to be back to MVP level play?


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