Musician of the Month September 2015

I love all aspects of music and rock is one of them. There is this band I have been following lately on Facebook and no joke, they are amazing. I haven’t seen this trio yet in concert but I can vouch for them that they rock!


All Sides Equal band consists of David Lopez- Lead Vocals/ Guitar Pony Lopez – Back up Vocals / Drums Enrique Munoz – Bass Guitar and are some damn good musicians.

They are at top of San Antonio’s music scene playing at many venues around the town and bringing there music out there to the masses to enjoy as well. They are very artistic and it shows from their FACEBOOK PAGE and TWITTER ,which you can like as well and see there amazing pictures such as:

I feel they do a great job bringing there music out there and I hope you all enjoy this and check out this band! They are Drop the Spotlight’s Musician of the Month for September 2015 and boy do they rock!

No named Ballet is amazing, check out their Facebook Page and look at the videos they have there and also check out future shows they have and enjoy good music and support it as well!

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