Musician of the Month May 2016

When you think of think of someone hustling, you will think of someone doing what they can to fill their pockets full of paper. The hustle can mean many other things and with this next person, he defines the hustle as a musician.

youngcarlito 2

Musician of the month of May 2016 is Young Carlito and dive in while watching him have the paper of green and scribbles to show his plans and amusement in order to fly high through the forest.

youngcarlito 3

Young Carlito defines the term hustle and has been a fixture in the music scene around his city and gets his brand out to the city to see. When you see his brand, his music, his scene, the city has not taken notice but the world is starting to listen.


When you have a chance, check out his music here on SOUNDCLOUD, enjoy his lyrics but now that the commercial of his brand that he does every time he hits the stage, has taken notice and people are watching, or shall I say listening.