Musician of the Month – February 2016

The sound of steps emerge on the street side and a name is shouted from a distance where the person hears those words. Those words are said HEY KYLE LEE! Kyle Lee turns around waves and makes his journey to make sure he knows that fan and makes sure that fan is given the first class treatment. February 2016 Musician of the Month goes to King Kyle Lee.


This man bleeds San Antonio and he brings excitement and enthusiasm to every ear, every street corner, and every venue where music is heard. He not only raps and makes high quality music but he is a great servant of God and makes sure the cities homeless are fed, clothed, and gives an ear to them to listen to their story.

mixtape cover

This individual has become a great leader for the city of San Antonio where pride is shown through trophies of words and the hands raised in praise.

When you have a chance, check out his new mixtape 5 Star General on ITUNES and GOOGLE PLAY and check out music that not only raises the bar in society but brings out a genuine hard hat effect when you play the first song!

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