Murder Mystery AMC Plus Show Ultra City Smiths Preview

Murder? Mystery? Scary City? Ultra City is a metropolis that shines during the day and demolishes by night! Ultra City Smiths is a new stop motion animation with baby dolls used as the characters of the show. The new show showcases a murder mystery story that will have you scratching your chin as you think hard on what is going on. We were able to watch the first 3 episodes of the show that will be featured on AMC + this Thursday. We are not here to spoil the show but showcase a small review. Be sure to sign up to AMC + below and check out the show!

What is Ultra City Smiths?

Detective Mills enters into Ultra City as a rookie cop who wants to clean up the town with one dance move at a time. He wants to make sure the city can return to its former glory and remove the filth that is run on this city. Little Grace is a 14 year old girl trying to find her way in the world while her mother is a wrestler trying to make sure her daughter is fed. Politicians are corrupt and glorified in the first episode as the mayor election is coming up. Throughout the first 3 episodes, we learn more about the citizens of Ultra City Smiths as they had something so common that will shatter Detective Mills mentality.

My Thoughts?

I enjoyed it! I was expecting something more of Adult Swim type show since this is made by Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, but it wasn’t. I felt it was a blend of Law and Order with a mystique of Batman straight from the comics! Each character that was featured in first two episodes showcased a situation going on with their lives. Their lives intersect with other featured characters in the show as a major development occurs later on. The show is fantastic, something different and exciting! I want more!

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Ultra City Smiths debut on AMC Plus on July 22nd and will debut a new episode every Thursday on the app!

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