Murder in the Woods a group of friends heads out on a party weekend to celebrate one of there birthdays. Only to be haunted by the sins of the father. A film by Luis Iga starring the living legend himself Danny Trejo. A fun-filled weekend of drinking and lots more gets turned upsidedown in a revenge plot. One of the party member is holding a very dark secret and a bloody past. A warning to leave the area due to wildfires goes unheard and they head up to a cabin in the woods to party. A bump in the trip leaves there car wrecked and no cell reception adds to there bad luck.

Once at the cabin they waste no time to start the fun drinks start to flow and tension starts to build towards an unwanted guest in the group. When comments are made about a past relationship bring things to a halt and fist fly. Leading to one of the party members storming off into the woods alone at night what could happen right. She becomes the first victim in this plot of revenge.

Murder in the Woods in my book is a great story and film that uses a misdirect it got me thinking it was paranormal style teens in the woods film. I was so wrong with the use of Mexican folklore at the start and the mention of them among the teens. Gave me the feeling we are dealing with a supernatural killer of some sort. Nope, this is a revenge slasher and I am cool with that a huge slasher fan myself.

One by one they fall with classic kills and what looks like practical effects give it an 80’s slasher feel. The story is well written to hide the true plot of the revenge and the event that lead to this night. I left out the names of the characters so you can see and learn who the killer is and which one of the group thereafter and why.  I must say give this one a watch out now in drive-ins and theaters and Digital and Vod  September 18.