Multiplayer Social Deduction Game Killer in the Cabin is free to play this weekend!

Lost in the Norwegian wilderness, there’s a Killer among us!

Oslo, Norway – 18th February, 2021 – Independent developer Games People Play announce their exciting new multiplayer hyper-social deduction and survival game, Killer in the Cabin, will be free this weekend (19th – 20th February) on Steam for all players.

Currently in Early Access, each match has one killer who must eliminate every other player while avoiding detection. After multiple updates, Killer in the Cabin is ripe and ready for a new wave of players to survive in the harsh conditions of the vivid Norwegian wilderness and the looming threat of a murderous impostor.

About Killer in the Cabin:
In Killer in the Cabin, play as a member of a group of survivors from a bus crash in the desolate Norwegian mountains, where in order to survive you must work and communicate together in order to gather supplies, discover shelter and share food as you wait for help to arrive. Stick together and you’ll make it out alive, but danger looms: there’s a hidden killer in the group, working to sabotage all survival efforts and eliminate the party, one by one. With 15 minute long game sessions and multiplayer play with up to 8 players, Killer in the Cabin puts players’ communication, deception and truth-telling skills to the ultimate test.
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About Games People Play
Games People Play is a new game studio located in Norway. It was founded by the management from Artplant, responsible for games such as Block N Load and Battlestar Galactica Online. The studio focuses on creating player-focused games together with its communities.