Mozart Gabriel Alters the Landscape of Rock with New Single “Hold Back”

November 19, 2021 (Nashville, TN) – Native American indie artist Mozart Gabriel releases new single “Hold Back.” The song is now available on all digital streaming platforms.

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Mozart is further altering the landscape of Indie Rock with this latest single. The third and final single to be released, Mozart penned “Hold Back” while in a long-distance relationship. He decided he was no longer going to hold back and proposed to her soon after writing the song. The relationship eventually ended, but the significance of the song only grew with time: it was the first song he ever performed for an audience and signifies his commitment to not hold back in his life and career.

Mozart firmly leans into his rock influences as this track perfectly melds classic rock elements into a modern underground gem. The drummer immediately sets a groove from the first few beats of the track. The drums and guitar are automatically infused with emotion.

Mozart hits us in the first verse with “12 steps and I’ve been so clean,” and we immediately know Mozart has been dealing with bigger demons than personal inter turmoil. Despite his struggles, it is clear that he has fought hard for the version of himself that he wants to be. As he starts to come out the other side he proclaims his determination to no longer hold back.

Gabriel effortlessly glides through his range utilizing every aspect and nuance he can. From his grit in the opening lines to his falsetto, Mozart’s vocals further drive home the entire point of the song. He is no longer holding back. With the pedal to the medal and his finger on the pulse of indie/rock, Mozart blows us out of the water with “Hold Back.”

“The song ‘Hold Back’ is really a moment where you find that you can no longer continue to stay in stock with things that are holding you down. It’s that moment where you allow yourself to place yourself in the direction of where you want to be.”

“Hold Back” was produced by Theo Monteillet

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