Couch party game playable online on PC via PARSEC
May 21st, 2019 — House Pixel Games is proud to announce its award-winning game of sabotage Mowin’ & Throwin’ will launch on Nintendo Switch and Steam May 31st — use lawn gnomes racing around in nitro-boosted mowers to wreck your neighbor’s yard by blasting rocks, fertilizer bags, and more at your unsuspecting opponents!
Mowin’ & Throwin’ is a competitive lawn mowing experience where the objective of the game is to have the least amount of grass on your lawn before time runs out. Choose your zany gnome avatar and mow down the competition in 2v2 or 1v1 modes. Mowin’ & Throwin’ is great for social gatherings, parties, and public events; as well as playing at home with friends, family, or people you only sort of like!
Mowin’ & Throwin’ Features:
  • A stunning variety of items drop from the sky during the match. Use them to knock gnomes off mowers, regrow grass, or flip your opponent’s controls!
  • Experience the thrill of mowing at breakneck speeds to gather grass bag ammo to shoot at your rival team’s yard!
  • Grow closer with your friends by teaming up! Or ruin that friendship with a well aimed rock! Keep the couch fun during parties or when you need a break from the online world.
  • The controls and objective of Mowin’ & Throwin’ are easy to learn. But if you want to be a cut above the rest, you’ll need to master each lawn’s unique challenge to turn them to your advantage — some examples include shifting terrain, elevators, destructible environments, darkness, and more!

A single match only takes a few minutes, but Mowin’ & Throwin’ can keep you and your friends occupied for seasons! The experience is best played locally, but the PC edition is also playable online through PARSEC. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One editions are planned for release later this year as well.

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