Moscow Apartment Reveal “18 – Thieves Like Us Remix”

Moscow Apartment reveal 18 – Thieves Like Us Remix! A song is usually played by musicians that created it and generally accepted by the masses. When you do a remix, you will have to take a fan favorite song and not only honor the original artist but bring out a unique sound that sets it apart. Moscow Apartment not only honor the original song but bring their own aurora of musical taste into the song. The remix for the song is something I enjoyed listening to and feel others will enjoy as well.

listen here:


Seventeen and eighteen year old Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla are the duo behind Moscow Apartment, the Toronto based indie rockers who released their self-produced sophomore EP, Better Daughter in July 2020.


Production duo Thieves Like Us recently remixed “18,” a track from the EP. The remix is a downtempo, electro-pop take on the original indie folk version.