Morphinominal Expo

This was the first year I was able to attend Morphinominal Expo and I was very impressed with the turn out. For me growing up Power Rangers was my favorite show to watch and knowing that there is an event dedicated to honoring more than 20 years of fan service is absolutely amazing.  


As soon as we walked in through those doors, we could hear the crowd of excitement. There were so many cosplayers attending. Power Rangers, Anime characters, and as a plus some Power Ranger actors themselves. The event was so well organized and everyone there had enough room to walk around, take photos, socialize. We even got to run into our very own Sir Nick Justice, who was cosplaying as Superman.  

It’s so fun to see so many people keeping this show alive after so many years. Adults coming to the event and even bringing their children. Even some of the kids were cosplaying as 1st Gen Power Rangers that were before there time. Knowing that it is still being passed down from generation to generation, I was stunned.  


All and all, attending this event hit me right in the feels with all the nostalgia. I cannot wait to be attending the next year’s event and looking forward to see how they are going to top this year. For the link to keep up to date with Morphinominal Expo future dates, the link will be listed down below. Till next time, May the Power Protect you Rangers.