Morphée Announces Morphée Zen A Portable Relaxation and Meditation Device Delivering Mental Wellness Breaks On-The-Go

Morphée unveils its third unconnected relaxation device that helps reduce stress and anxiety anytime and anywhere

Morphee @CES: Tech West, Venetian Expo, Booth 54935


Las Vegas, CES Jan 3, 2022 – Morphée, globally acclaimed for elegantly designed audio devices that deliver impactful meditation and sophrology techniques, today announces Morphée Zen. The ultra-portable spa-like “pebble” device that provides mental wellness sessions throughout the day to reduce anxiety and boost concentration and mental focus.


Designed with sleep professionals and sophrologists experts, Morphée devices are screen-free non- digital solutions to manage anxiety, stress, and insomnia. They provide users with themed sessions comprised of soothing sounds, music and voice therapies.

Morphée Zen is the latest device in the Morphée range and is highly portable, ready whenever someone needs a mental wellness break. From the morning commute to the office to day-care to the home, it discreetly aids anxiety management and improves concentration anytime, anywhere. Bringing the possibility to de-stress and calm down in only five minutes, Morphée Zen contains 72 sessions based on six themes: Dynamic Relaxation (known as Jacobson), Deep Relaxation, Immersive Journeys, Nature Sounds, Relaxing Music and “Chrono Zen” – some quick two-minute sessions available for instant relief.

Combining the best meditation and sophrology techniques within a minimalist design, Morphée Zen carries on the company’s vision of curating an unconnected environment for ultimate relaxation and overall mindfulness – completely screen-free. Users simply plug in a pair of headphones, turn on the Morphée Zen and select a session, then sit back, relax and de-stress.

Morphée Zen joins the Morphée, and My Little Morphée, the fantastic sleep and meditation aids designed for adults and kids aged 3-10yrs. Holding the key to a great night sleep, these non-digital devices contain hundreds of audio sessions to improve wellness and launched in the US in Q4 2021.

“Following the successful launch of Morphée and My Little Morphée, we are confident that Morphée Zen will bring the same level of deep well-being experience to American consumers” said Charlie Rousset, co-creators of Morphée, “Our sessions have been proven to help people calm down and relax at home as well as to fall asleep with ease at night. Now, Morphée Zen is a portable solution for a quick meditation and refocus during the day wherever the user may be.”

Morphée Zen features:

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  • Ultra-portable / Intuitive & easy to use
  • Expertise & efficiency: 72 sessions designed by relaxation experts: sophrologists, hypnotherapists, psychologists
  • Dimensions: 7,5 x 7 x 1,5 cm (2.95 x 2.76 x 0.6 in)
  • Weight: 75g (2.65 oz)
  • Battery life: 3 hours on play mode, turns off automatically after 5 min
  • Audio: through wired headphones jack

Existing Morphée devices Morphée and My Little Morphée

Morphée uses a simple three-key system with no screens or waves to deliver 210 sleep and relaxation-inducing programs. With the first key, users choose from eight sleep themes: breathing, cardiac coherence, nature sounds, and relaxing music exercises. With the second key, people select one of eight training sessions per theme. The third key then determines the length of each session – either 8 or 20 mins. You can see it in action here!

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My Little Morphée is a non-digital, screen-free sleeping aid designed especially for children aged three to ten years old. It contains 192 meditative journeys to prepare children before bedtime or help calm them down during the day. These sessions include visualizations (or journeys), breathing and relaxation exercises, and guided meditation.

The meditations and visualizations also help children develop their confidence, improve concentration and focus, and foster emotional versatility. You can see My Little Morphée in action here!


Morphée Zen will be available in Q3 2022, priced at $79.99. Morphée and My Little Morphée are currently available for purchase at, Amazon, and selective retailers priced $99.99. For further information visit


About Morphée

Morphée was created in France three years ago by Guillaume Barathon and Charlie Rousset: two entrepreneurs who were looking for natural solutions for insomnia – a problem becoming more common due to increased screen time. Surrounding themselves with a team of sleep professionals, from sophrologists to doctors and specialist sleep centers, Guillaume and Charlie underwent two years of extensive research and development. In September 2018, Morphée launched in France. Two years later, My Little Morphée launched following the increasing demand for a child version. Building on this public acclaim, the company started its international adventure and expanded into the US in 2021.

*About sophrology

With a combination of relaxation techniques and breathing exercises, sophrology is a form of therapy used to relax the mind by help it return to the present moment and rid of future anxieties. By helping the mind focus on breathing, the body or a mental image, sophrology can help limit the flow of anxious thoughts, enabling the body to let go and experience deep relaxation before going to sleep.

In more concrete terms, sophrology can help by:

  • Swapping stressful thoughts for corporeal sensations, by shifting the focus from the brain, to the body
  • Managing and helping reduce expectations when it comes to sleep, by releasing control
  • Releasing tension and simultaneously unwinding both mind and body.