LOS ANGELES, CA –  LA-Based singer-songwriter, Morgan St. Jean, is set to release her debut studio mixtape, Rich Man, on February 11, via Universal Music Group / W!zard Talent. Rich Man is a compilation of songs, which fans have loved hearing snippets from on social media. St. Jean takes you on a rollercoaster, almost giving you emotional whiplash, going between slow, gutrenchingly, heartful ballads, to her no holds bar signature “Bad Bitch Pop” sound. St. Jean felt the specific songs included on the mixtape fit the narrative of the title track. 

“The title track was inspired by my favorite Cher quote. When her mother told her to ‘settle down and marry a rich man,’ Cher responded by saying, ‘Mom, I am a rich man.’ I felt like this was the energy that I wanted to embody on my debut project. The entire mixtape is about being an empowered woman. Whether I’m learning to embrace the uncertainty of my twenties, or celebrating the power that I have finally stepped into, this mixtape details my journey of becoming the woman I always wanted to be.” says Morgan St. Jean. 

Not All Men” was St. Jean’s first viral song, and discusses the most difficult and honest parts of womanhood. She paints a picture of the realities that women face daily, and inadvertently created an anthem for women everywhere. “Not the Sun” is about realizing that you are whole on your own.  It is also an example of the sisterly role that Morgan has taken on through her social media, because it’s written from the perspective of a friend. “Not the Sun” was also inspired by the hit television show, Grey’s Anatomy. Cristina Yang says to Meredith Grey, “Don’t let what he wants eclipse what you need. He’s very dreamy, but he’s not the sun, you are.” 

Unsettled Down” is about embracing uncertainty, and accepting that we don’t have to be on society’s timeline. “Graduation” (Co-Written by Upsahl) is a cheeky song about the power women hold, and our ability to change our partners for the better. “Television” was written with Royal & The Serpent when St. Jean started to see her dreams coming true, and quickly realized that success didn’t make her feel whole. It explores one of the more insecure parts of growing up. 

The focus track, “Rich Man,” is about a woman taking care of herself and being confident that she doesn’t need a man. “Rich Man” will have an official music video dropping on February 11 via St. Jean’s VEVO Channel.

St. Jean says the music that inspired the songs came from “strong, powerful women, with big voices and intimate lyrics.” In comparison from where St. Jean was when she made the mixtape to now, she says, “I’m still figuring it out, but I feel more certain than ever of who I am, and what message I want to share. I have been so inspired by my fans and their bravery in sharing their own stories, that I knew I had to keep wearing my heart on my sleeve in these songs.”

Morgan St. Jean rose to stardom starting in 2015 with her debut single “Addicted.” Since then, she has collaborated with Loud Luxury for their single “Aftertaste” which has garnered over 40 Million streams on Spotify alone, and she was featured on producer Borgeous’ single “Famous” which was released in 2018.

St. Jean has been supported on Spotify Editorial Playlists including Bass Explosion, Best Dance Songs of 2020, Best Pop Songs of 2020, Cardio, The cover of Created by Women, crying on the dance floor, Dance Favourites, Donne-toé, Femme Fatale, Nex Gen Singer-Songerwriters, and Workout Beats. Previous singles from St. Jean include, “Conversations with God,”  “Lola,” “Red Flag (Fuckboy)” and “Rest In Peace.”