MORE THAN MIYAGI: The Pat Morita Story Review

Pat Morita is no doubt a household name with a film career that spanned many years. More than Miyagi: The Pat Morita Story is a deep dive into the life of a truly amazing person. This is an autobiographical story from Kevin Derek about Pat’s life.

Pat’s story is no fairytale from birth he had the cards stacked against him. Given a slim chance to live to the bombing of Pearl Harbor which lead to racism to Japanese in the United States. We hear his tragic story which will cause Pat to hide some serious inner demons later in life.

His life takes a turn when he after working at his parent’s restaurant he wants more out of life and a voice in his head whispers “showbiz”. Starts Pat down a legendary career as a comedian which lead him to film andTV in shows like Happy Days and to where my generation will come to know him The Karate Kid. Mr. Miyagi impacted so many lives and the cast of the film. We hear from Ralph Macchio and William Zabka and many others he worked with.

Pat’s past demons were always there and he drank a lot to hide from them. As he got older the roles stopped coming in and took a toll on him. Drinking more to the point he became unhireable sending him into a downward spiral. To heartbreaking final days, we hear a lot from Pat’s wife Evelyn Guerrero.

Pat’s story in this film is a must-see to learn who the real Pat Morita was a man who overcame so much to become a star. Hear the story he left for the world to hear is amazing he was loved by his family and his friends which we hear from and adored by his fans. Man with his flaws like we all have made us laugh and became a role model in his own way to us all. I highly recommend watching this film if your an old fan or just discovering him from the new Cobra Kai series and The Karate Kid films.