More Bang for your Buck, More Puzzles, and a fresh Demolition Destination accompany the new Level Editor for Cefore

June 15, 2018 – Cefore just got a whole lot bigger with the introduction of a shiny new Level Editor that gives players the tools to design and build stunning, destructible levels. The Level Editor will be available for the public on June 18th, 2018.

Cefore is that special physics-based puzzle game you may have heard about recently. Its whimsical and simplistic art-style are the perfect backdrop to the fun and creative chaos that unfolds across its many levels. Now, players can create an endless supply of whacky new levels for everyone to enjoy.

Level Editor Features:

Create new levels using a variety of tools and share them with other players via the Steam Workshop. Have you ever heard of the building blocks that hold together the very fabric of existence? Well, Cefore has something like that, too. Only, they are the more typical kind of building blocks that possess characteristics like being really heavy or light as a feather. You’ll catch on quick.

In your level, you can lay mines for unsuspecting players performing their first run, use rocks and trees to block passages, do some crazy things with switches and platforms, and kneed in some sneaky alternative paths. Hey, no one said your levels had to be easy. Use that imagination of yours to create something crazy, fun, and, most importantly, explosive! You’ll be competing against an entire community of devious designers. Will yours be the best? Well, you’ll find out soon, as everyone can vote for their favorite levels.

About Cefore

Cefore is a physics-based puzzler with a whimsical and simplistic art-style. The game challenges you to become an expert at blowing stuff up. You play as Baro, an intergalactic engineer who solves mind-boggling puzzles in the best way possible: strategically dismembering said puzzle using an assortment of precision tools (such as explosives). As a result, narrowly avoiding death is simply part of the job. However, you also have access to gadgets like grappling devices, hot air balloons, and many more. Be creative when you destroy things!

As an intergalactic contractor in charge of gathering important data from alien worlds, you will set out into space to begin demolishing everything in sight. There is no finer manner in which to perform research!


  • Visit different uniquely-themed locations with your ship.

  • A destructible environment mixed with real-time physics forms the perfect recipe for fun.

  • Many different tools to help destroy and manipulate the environment. Use whichever tools you want in any manner you see fit. Let your creativity shine.

  • Character customization: unlock different skins and hats for Baro.

  • More than 25 unique and challenging levels.

  • 3 Different modes (Missions, Sandbox mode, Level Editor Mode)

  • Built-in GIF sharing tool for showing off your whacky solutions.

  • Did we mention you have a jetpack, too?