Moody monochromatic puzzler FRACTER is out now on Steam

Embark on a cryptic quest to restore your splintered spirit

Toronto, Canada – September 5th, 2019 – Indie developer 4L Games is proud to announce that its hit monochromatic puzzle adventure FRACTER launches today on Steam for $6.99, with a launch day discount of 20%.

Featuring stunning monochromatic visuals designed by the game’s Creative Director Sanatan Suryavanshi (best known for his work on the Oscar nominated featured film The Breadwinner), FRACTER is an emotive, isometric puzzle adventure game set in a mysterious labyrinth of glowing black architecture. The game follows a veiled young hero who embarks on a perilous quest to restore their splintered spirit by venturing through a series of abstract, hazardous chambers.

Exploring this world of shadows and outsmarting ominous creatures born from your fractured self, players must solve each meticulously designed puzzle using their only force against the darkness: light. Dramatic landscapes in shades of gray, an eerie ambient soundtrack and a poetic, self-reflective narrative await players on this emotional journey of self-restoration.

FRACTER Launch trailer

Having initially launched on mobile devices in July 2018, FRACTER quickly became a top puzzle game in Canada and the U.K., and was featured as an Apple Game of the Day. Critics praised its original mobile version, with Fast Company calling it “a stunning mobile game exploring rather complex themes.” 148 Apps called it “a gorgeous puzzler, dripping with style,” and it was a Gamer’s Voice nominee at this year’s SXSW.

“After working in film and TV animation for many years I wanted to create something personal and interactive that people could have a tactile connection with,” said creative director Sanatan Suryavanshi. “FRACTER is a realization of that goal and I’m thrilled that now players on PC can experience its amorphous darkness and all that lurks within.”

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4L Games is an indie studio in the heart of downtown Toronto housed at award-winning animation company Guru Studio. The team is comprised of artists, designers and game developers who share a passion for exploring the creative possibilities of interactive storytelling.

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