Molly. wants to take you to “Paradise”

Molly. has her new single called Paradise out now! Her voice is very soothing throughout the song. I find her song very good with the beat going slow and then picking up the pace when she gets to the interlude for Paradise. She has brought a very sensational way to listen to music with her unique voice and textured song.

Take your smile to full force with a quick listen to Molly. and her latest single Paradise.

Listen here:

Press Release:

Lancashire, UK born Molly. is armed with strength and individuality. Her tough exterior blends with her soft, vulnerable core – a combination that shines through in her honest music. Through intoxicating indie-pop melodies and powerhouse vocals, Molly. is establishing herself as an accomplished emerging artist and a force to be reckoned with. 


Molly. has been gigging since her teens, with performances at countless festivals around the UK and Ireland. Over the past year, Molly. has released a slew of sensational indie-pop singles, each with streaming numbers in the tens of thousands and with hundreds of plays on-air.


Her latest single “Paradise” was written during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown and touches on the subject of what is happening in the world at this current time. The musician sings about the fantasy of fast-forwarding time, being in a place of paradise and the distant, hazy memories of 2020. Molly. shares, “Paradise to me is a place that has no hassle or problems, where life seems so much more positive and easy. I’m sure many people will agree that life this year hasn’t been what they expected, but who knows next year may be better.”


Reminiscent of Rae Morris meets Fleetwood Mac, the track glistens with atmospheric soundscapes, upbeat, pop percussion and feel-good melodies. “Paradise” emanates an uplifting, positive feeling, sure to get you on your feet and put a smile on your face. 


Molly. stands up for a generation with ambition and a desire to make a difference. Her

mission to overcome hardships and negativity is delivered with revelatory freshness and

pragmatism. Molly. is keen to emphasise the importance of remaining true to yourself and sticking to what you love. 


“Paradise” is currently available worldwide.