Miss Bala Movie Review

Miss Bala is a wrong place at the wrong time story filled with action and plot twists. We follow Gloria (Gina Rodriguez) in a far for Jane the Virgen role that she owns like a boss well cartel boss. Gloria an up and coming make-up artist in LA she comes home to see a life long friend. After many years of not setting foot in Tijuana, Mexico she comes back to help Suzu her friend get ready for the Miss Baja California beauty pageant. Only to get mixed up in a cartel war where she is used as a pawn in the battle. Lino the head of the cartel has caught feelings for Gloria but not without concern from his right-hand enforcer Pollo.  Gloria story is straight out of a Mexican telenovela or film. Being a remake I have not seen the original to compare too but will find it now to see. Overall the movie is a one to see Gina Rodriguez does a stellar job in her role. It has action and lots of plot twists some you can see coming overall I did enjoy watching it. We are seeing a lot more cartel shows and films the stories do make for some great shows and films. Check out Miss Bala out now.