MisBits is Now Free-to-Play on Steam

The Colorful and riotous sandbox brawler, MisBits, is now free-to-play. MisBits emphasizes quick sessions and action gameplay based around a very unique mechanic of mismatching toy heads with different, changeable, toy bodies to switch-up play styles during competitive play. The action takes place on maps full of other props to pick up as weapons, or traps to avoid, in formats such as deathmatch, racing, platforming – or anything else conceived!

And, MisBit’s ToyBox game creation experience lets players build new minigames or edit existing maps/modes with their own rules. See the trailer here.


Depending on the map/mode, multiplayer minigames range from 2-16 players. Some exploration areas and the building tools can all be experienced in single player.

  • Playhouse: roll from room to room, try different head/body combos, play mini games, and discover hidden secrets
  • Team Deathmatch: knock competitor heads off their bodies, or just take them out, for points, street cred, and MisBits fameTeam Deathmatch – all the deathmatch fun played in teams!
  • Kick Brawl: best described as “combat-style soccer,” compete to score goals where heads – and the ball – will roll!
  • Arcade: curated, ever-growing, collection of custom maps designed for new challenges like death runs, racing, King-of-the-Hill and many more. New ones added every week!
  • ToyBox: our game creator system gives you access to every in-game asset, to build your own experiences or edit existing maps/modes with your rules.

We will continue to announce fun, competitive (and REWARDING) activities! For players interested in keeping up with all things MisBits we are encouraging them to sign up for our newsletter at misbits.com.

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Assets at http://zebrapartners.net/misbits