Minutes to Midnight Movie Review

We get a true slasher film with Minutes to Midnight a bloodbath, to say the least.  Bill Moseley bringing his horror icon touch to a great cast with William Baldwin as Mr. Walters, and Richard Grieco as Sheriff Wyatt.  We get in my book a cross between The Strangers and Wrong Turn. A horror film that is one bloody wild ride from the start and keeps the foot on your throat.

We follow a group of friends getting ready to bring in the New Year when they decided to move the party to a new spot. Not knowing the story of the location and not believing the stories told of the place. Will be a grave mistake they are met at the bosses cabin in the woods by a friend but are still missing some guests. The party starts with heavy drinking when they get a knock on the door from the Sheriff to warned them of a big storm coming and they should leave. In typical horror movie fashion, they stay and party instead only to be visited by a man looking for his brother and his girlfriend who has been missing for 10 days. Now the party is starting to take a turn the three killers are out for more blood I won’t give any more away of the film. There is so much more to this film that needs to be watched to understand so I will not spoil it.

The blend of the style of the film like Wrong turn and The Strangers to me make this film a must see for any horror fan. The kill scenes are bloody and brutal as well as the fight scenes. Minutes to Midnight is out now on VOD and look for it out on September 4th don’t miss out on this one horror fan.