Mind-bending gothic horror Westmark Manor releases June 18

Unfold the mystery of the Westmark Estate in Lovecraftian survival horror.

Stockholm, Sweden – May 18, 2020 – Toadman Interactive and Nodbrim Interactive today announced that mind-bending gothic horror Westmark Manor will release on PC via GOG.com and Steam on June 18. The game can now be added to your Steam Wishlist.

Discover what lurks in the darkest corners of the mansion. Westmark Manor is a chilling survival horror puzzle game inspired by the formidable H.P. Lovecraft, where players must journey into the occult and survive a nightmarish mansion. Solve mind-bending puzzles and explore terrifying rooms filled with traps and demonic dark entities to unfold the mystery of the Westmark Estate.

WestmarkManor 02
Chilling Survival Horror – Journey into the occult as Theodore Westmark. Solve mind-bending puzzles and unfold the mystery of Westmark Manor in a nightmarish top-down horror adventure.
Overcome Darkness – Discover a deep narrative experience in your attempt to escape the mansion. Use your lantern and craft new items to navigate traps and explore Westmark Manor, while managing your inventory and discovering new routes to stay within the light.
Horrifying Puzzles – Examine objects to uncover clues and solve puzzles, using your intellect to survive the manor’s terrifying rooms.
Perpetual Dark World – Encounter the ethereal beings of Westmark Manor, including entities who seek to aid Theodore on his journey through the darkness – and those who seek to hinder…

“Darkness is a key theme to the game, both literally and metaphorically, and creating a survival horror experience built around thought and puzzle-solving, rather than combat, while remaining faithful to genre classics has been our core ambition,” said Martin Kupski, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nodbrim Interactive. “I’m excited for players to discover what lies deep within Westmark Manor next month.”

About Nodbrim Interactive
Nodbrim is aiming to fill the void of short bitesize and intense experiences on the market. We strive to make games that breathe inspiration and creativity back to one of the deepest and versatile entertainments out there.

About Toadman Interactive
Toadman Interactive is a video game developer headquartered in Stockholm with teams in Oslo, Berlin, and Tver. Synonymous with RPG expertise and driven by a desire to create unique experiences, Toadman now boasts 80+ passionate employees. Before Toadman, the company’s talented developers were behind games like Battlefield 4, Mad Max, and Just Cause. More information at toadmaninteractive.com and @ToadmanInt on Twitter.