Miesha & The Spanks Unleash “Singles” EP featuring Mixed Blood Girls track

Wipe your face this morning and put your gloves on! With your gloves on, put your headphones on and remember to quickly press play! What your about to listen to…will have you kicking over trash cans in dark alleys while scratching the walls with your gloved covered fingers. Miesha & The Spanks have unleased their Singles EP with Mixed Blood Girls as the featured track!

We are huge fans of Miesha & The Spanks as we are excited for this punk extravaganza of an EP to be released. The featured tracked for the EP is Mixed Blood Girls.  Mixed Blood Girls is an in your face song that shakes your world to the core! I’m digging that track hard as well as the new EP!

Get Singles EP here: https://mieshathespanks.bandcamp.com/

Listen to Mixed Blood Girls here: