Midnight 99 Novella Book Review

You are given the option to take the red pill or the blue pill in order to make a life altering decision. Well, after reading Midnight 99, you look for the purple pill and mix it up with some powerful space rock dust. Then you chug it down with your favorite glass of apple juice to the beat of your neighbors heart.

Midnight 99 is a story of a Tulsa Kalhoun waking up in a hotel suite with a dead lizard king in her restroom with a slight memory lapse. She recalls the events that lead up to that journey of the story. Your taken on trip where our history book’s lies are dusted with the empty promises that are made with these two lizard aliens. Tulsa is drug dealer for alterative species such as aliens, monsters and the fans of occult. She meets someone that needs help to get to Las Vegas for this big Lizard convention with some of her powerful drugs. She agrees to go and of course has other motives as she wants to hopefully see her ex girlfriend, who is fathered by one of the lizards, and of course sell the lizards some of her drugs.

The author’s humor is so funny, dry and in an early 90’s rebellion tone that you just can’t stop reading the story. You are rooting for Tulsa to get back with her ex girlfriend and be the big hero for everyone. Then you see how much Tulsa experiences through that alternative reality vision that you want to know what is next in her story. This story is funny yet with a tone fantastic sci fi tone that you want to see what Tulsa sees. Midnight 99 is a unique way to look at how our world could be through the eyes of a rebellious woman that just wants to get high and find some cute female partners.


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