Mesican Hendrix Discovers Gold With Big C Mixtape

As a music lover, I was recommended to check out the new mixtape by MESICAN HENDRIX and  I was like sure let me check out datpiff and see what I can find. I was able to find the mixtape by MESICAN HENDRIX and I put my headphones on and just press play.

The mixtape is called Big C and Mesican Hendrix just brings out the shovel to dig the graves for his haters. He throws no shade in the air and keeps his head held high proclaiming his home area of the west side of San Antonio, TX.


With beats that keeps the headphones bumping and bouncing, the lyrics are smooth as the road to gold. There are a couple songs I have on repeat that you got to just listen to immediately! I’m digging Going Back, No Time, Sowed Up and of course my favorite right now is Never Say Nothing.

This mixtape is a culmination of an musical art that isn’t showcased much on the radio but it should. Until then, check out Mesican Hendrix’s mixtape Big C and check out the songs and chill to them.