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Memory Lost Demo Review

If you like Cyberpunk and fast paced 3rd person view directional shooter than this might be the game for you. Right off the back you are introduced into a world of Cyberpunk where you are able to transfer you self-conscious to pre-deceased individuals to survive a horde of military units. The only problem that I had at the beginning of the game is that the story and dialogue was producing itself to fast that I did not get to embrace the story.  


  • Fast paced directional shooter. 
  • Cyberpunk world that I enjoyed jumping into 
  • Plenty to learn when it came to facing off against hordes or enemies.  


  • Did not have option to reduce pointer speed for better control on PC 
  • Dialogue for story was too fast to where I did not fully understand story that was being told.  
  • Throws you too fast into gaming tutorials and does not give you enough time to embrace what actions need to be done  

Demo Rating: I would give Memory Lost a “6” out of 10. 

Even though the follow through was not too enjoyable, I thoroughly enjoyed my time paying the game. I love faced paced shooters and I also love the different types of worlds of Cyberpunk. I just wish I had more time to understand what is going on in the story.  But i believe if a little more time and effort went into a couple of things in this game than it would be a smash hit.