Indie-Pop trio me+mad make their return with the music video for their latest blissed out single ‘Time’.  Blending together a variety of genres, including inspiration from alternative pop and 80’s synths, me+mad have created their own unique style and sound.


The Detroit based trio is comprised of sibling duo Gavin and Madison Lincoln, and producer/co-writer SamLyon, me+mad have been making music together from a young age. Lead singers Gavin and Madison started singing at a young age, singing together at church events and community farmers markets. They connected with Sam through church and he quickly became a co-collaborator for the creation and production of me+mad.

Their talents go further than just music. The trio are also involved in fashion/design. Using their talents to produce unique pieces for their promo-shoot and the music video for ‘Time’, the trio are making their own creative mark on the industry.

When explaining Time, Gavin said: I recently had been struggling in my relationship with my girlfriend. “Time” is about overthinking and the impact that it can have mentally. When you overthink, all of the good things you already have get clouded by the worry in your mind. Personally, it’s the struggle to be content in a relationship. Overthinking that relationship was killing all of the goodness that was surrounding it, and if you aren’t grateful for the amazing things you have, then you might lose them.

Having built solid foundations over the last year with singles and Grey AngleTime is arguably their strongest release to date. A calm yet powerful single that tells an all too familiar tale of overthinking in a relationship, that many people will be able to relate to.