Mayhem in Single Valley

Mayhem is Single Valley is a Puzzle, Adventure in a semi 3D world. It involves a pre-apocalyptic world that revolves around our main character Jack. When a mysterious stranger showed up with a tanker filled with radioactive waste and that was dumped in Single Valley’s water supply. Somehow, he was the one blamed for the whole thing and now he has to be able to survive with Zombie people and animals, radioactive plants.  


  • Addictive 16-bit music 
  • Story is unique 
  • Puzzle solving is just right 


  • Minor glitches that left player stuck (still not released yet) 
  • Requires some in game keybinding from the start 

Rating: I would give Mayhem “7” out of 10

Overall, this is a game that I would definitely playthrough once to unravel the story till the end to clear Jack’s name. With its compelling gameplay and banger music, I would recommend Mayhem in Single Valley to add to your collection.  Thank you Tinybuild for allowing us to be able to play this game and of course thank you Fluxscoptic for creating such a unique adventure.