Mayans Season One Review Spoiler Free

I rode into season one of the Mayans on Dvd in my favorite way bing watching. Not seeing The Sons of Anarchy I got a fresh view of the series. A ride indeed I was in for the story of the Mayans MC is a tale of brotherhood, blood, and family. EZ (JD Pardo) is the main character and his tale is a hard one. His past put him an unfavorable spot for is life back. A Prospect for the Mayans MC his own brother Angel (Clayton Cardenas) is his sponsor in the club. EZ is the MC lackey he does all the grunt work and dirty deeds to earn his place in the MC. As the Mayans work with the Galindo cartel they face some very dangerous people. The love interest of EZ pass Emily (Sarah Bolger) is now with the leader Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) adding a love triangle to the story. In turns adds to EZ cross to carry his love for her is still strong putting him at odds with Galindo. Each episode was filled with action and drama and made the story flow. Left me needing to see what happened next. The dynamic of the story and how each character fit in the story and each one has issues that affect the MC. The way they work with each other as brothers and yes there was some in club issues and get taken care of in house just like real brothers. The cast was perfect casting with legendary actors involved like EZ and Angel’s dad played by Edward James Olmos. Tony Plana and Emilio Rivera also make up the cast of iconic Hispanic actors alongside up and coming actors and actress. See it now on DVD before season two starts September 3, 2019. Mayans did not disappoint at all see the full story unfold for your self