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Mayans MC Season 1 Review Hulu

I had people yelling in my ear that I need to see this show. I had people yelling in my ear that this show has their seasons now on Hulu. I told those people yelling in my ear to stop and that I will check it out. I am glad I listened to those people that were yelling in my ear. This series has something that many shows can’t comprehend in a level of a Latino or Latina. I grew up near the border, been to Mexico, knows many people whose lives are part of the Raza, and more. I felt this show showcased a glimpse of what many don’t know what is really going on in border towns at the moment.

I was able to watch Mayans M.C. on my Hulu and you didn’t need to have prior knowledge of Sons of Anarchy show. I haven’t seen Sons of Anarchy but I remember always seeing commercials on FX about it in the past. Mayans M.C. reminded me of a novella but in English form which is done correctly. Many have tried to do an English only novella and have failed but in this instance, the director and writers have succeeded. I know my review is short for this show but mainly, I don’t want to spoil much! You will have to see it your self and you will indulge in this show’s fantastic writing, characters, and story!

Here is the review:


  • Story
    • You start out by learning about this character named Ezekiel or EZ for short. You learn that he wants to patch with the Mayans M.C. while doing hard work for the club.. For now, he is known as the Prospect as he hasn’t earned his name yet. While this is going on, he is working with the DOJ to spy on cartel boss Miguel Galindo who happen to have married his EX-GF. Yes, that happens! Then you watch him interact and learn from the Mayans while still with his father Felipe. I would like to go on but you have to see! This show is fantastic where the writers showcased a story that many can’t comprehend when told but have to watch.
  • Music
    • My god, I love the music in this show! The music gave the characters additional pulse with the different swings of moods throughout situations. The mixture of music I heard was outlaw country, rock, rockabilly, Spanish rock, blues and more. I had to research to find more of the music from Season 1 as I wanted that add to my playlist for my enjoyment.
  • Coco
    • This is by far my favorite character of the show as you learn pieces of Coco’s life throughout the season. You see how this man try to fix up problems in his life while maintaining life inside the M.C. I know this season was about EZ and his family life situation but you have to see the poetry spun out for Coco. You feel for him as he reminds me of friends that I knew growing up in those similar situations.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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