May Have first single from EP out August 28th, entitled “May Have (Misunderstood)”

May Have is getting ready to pump out their new EP this August 28th called Misunderstood. They have released their first single from the E.P called  “May Have (Misunderstood). Read Below on the inspiration for the track and of course listen on Spotify!
Press Release:
This song was recorded at The Boat House, the studio of our good friend and collaborator, Gino Visconti. With this EP, we consciously made the decision to self-produce for the first time.
We’re five friends with varied and strong opinions. This time, we wanted to see if we could work together and trust our production instincts along the way. It was a great experience and we loved the creative control we were able to exercise.
We sought to create a “calm before the storm” mood heard in the sustained keyboards at the very beginning of “May Have (Misunderstood).” This track is all about those difficult conversations that come with being accountable and taking responsibility for one’s actions.
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