Several long-awaited dungeons and a new item class will forever change how Summoners War: Sky Arena is played – all revealed during a special livestream for fans that drew more than 150,000 total viewers

LOS ANGELES – July 27, 2020 – A new content update is bringing gargantuan changes to global mobile phenomenon Summoners War: Sky Arena forever refining the systems and gameplay that millions of players worldwide experience in the immensely popular competitive fantasy RPG. Revealed during a special “The Shift” livestream which reached more than 150,000 total viewers this past Saturday night, the update unleashes new game-expanding dungeons – Dimension Monthly Dungeon, Steel Fortress, Punisher’s Crypt – along with Artifacts, a literal game-changing item that will affect how players approach monster deck building and strategy.

“We’re continually expanding the Summoners War IP onto new mediums while simultaneously bringing a steady stream of new content and fresh gameplay changes to our core and ever-growing fanbase who still devour our game to this day,” said Joohwan Lee, Head of Development, Com2uS. “We poured a lot of thought and passion into this update and are ecstatic to see how quickly players devour the new dungeons and implement the Artifact item class into their once ironclad team compositions!”

Three new dungeons, way more depth

The first of three new dungeons promise to be one of the most difficult and rewarding challenges in the Summoners War: Sky Arena universe, the Dimension Monthly Dungeon. Once per month, players can wrangle with fierce enemies and an immensely powerful boss named Dimension Predator. Those strong enough to complete the dungeon are guaranteed a 6★ Legendary Ancient Rune – a true high risk, high reward experience.

Two additional dungeons – Steel Fortress and Punisher’s Crypt – are being added to the Cairos Dungeon and shake up Summoners War: Sky Arena‘s usual fantasy aesthetic with a far more artificial look and feel. Both dungeons have 10 floors and four waves of enemies per battle, adding a wealth of new content to an already jam-packed game. Of course, both dungeons are spearheaded by their own unique bosses which, upon defeat, reward players with a brand-new item class called an Artifact.

Artifacts are changing the game entirely

Artifacts are an entirely new item class that give Summoners the ability to augment their Monsters with certain stats and traits that should completely shakeup those tried-and-true builds many fans use every day. Similar to Runes, Artifacts will have sub properties to increase damage or defense and come with five attributes including Fire, Water, Wind, light, Dark and four types: Attack Defense, HP and Support. Artifacts grant a bevy of customizable options when paired with Runes, but players must choose wisely when slotting these new items; a particular Artifact may play well with one Monster but won’t have the same effect on another.

Expanded floors and increase drop rate in previous dungeons

Existing dungeons are also being refined as part of the update, providing incentive for Summoners to backtrack to Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair and Necropolis. These dungeons are expanded to 12 floors and have an increased item drop rate in floors B11 and B12. Specifics regarding item drops include:

  • 6★ Rune of Rare or higher grade will be dropped in B12
  • 6★ Legendary Rune drop rate increased to 2.5 times in B10

The highest levels in Dimension Hole dungeons will have an increase drop-rate for 6★ Legendary Runes – about 1.5 times more than the previous drop-rate.

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