Marvel’s Avengers Beta Review

Marvel’s Avengers Beta

By Juan M Carrillo

Marvel’s Avengers is an action-adventure game developed by crystal dynamics and published by what I thought was very surprising Square Enix. Anyone that has played video games or does not live under the rocks should know this legendary studio. The games early beta was released this passed weekend and I had a chance to check it out. After years of being spoiled by the superhero genre and the Marvel cinematic universe this game is set to be one of the biggest tittles of 2020. It almost makes me think to the early 2000’s when Marvel ultimate alliance came out, but this game is entirely different and in a good way.

The game starts out in an already establish universe where the Avengers are being celebrated as heroes. Well since is based on comic books its only a matter before something happens and the world is turn upside down. Having a story in where the world is already established leaves story tellers with endless possibilities. As the game progresses you get to play each one of five founding members of the avengers, Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, and Captain America. The games mechanics are your standard action-adventure game style. But playing as one of the avengers makes up for the simple game play. Though being a BETA, the game was buggy and glitching that I could not immerse myself into the game simply because it was not a smooth transition between each combo.

One of the biggest complaints leading up to the game however was the studios decision not to use the characters and voices of the cinematic universe. This cause fans to complain about their heroes that they have come to know and love not being in the game. And on some level, I sort of agree. The images we see especially for causal fans is the actors that play in the cinematic universe. Which caused me to be a little taken back since I am also used to seeing the same actors. However, I also understand that this game is a different art style and it would cost the studio millions to use the models and voices of the actors. Other then that the world art style fits the game perfectly, its semi-realism mixed with stylized art makes it look and feel like a comic book And its not over done like some previous comic book games that have pop art style.

Overall, for being a Beta, the game was fun to play. Taking control of the heroes that been in pop culture for the last decade makes you feel like the hero. Though the action was a bit slow and repetitive in some places like most action-adventure games do, it was still exciting to play. Again, being a Beta however made it hard for me to engulf myself in the game since it was buggy and glitchy however I cannot wait for the full release of the game. No matter if you are a causal fan of hard core of comic books, we can all agree that this game will be one of the funniest titles of 2020.



Marvels Avengers: 7.5/10 Rating.

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