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Marvel Comics Official Logo 17-Inch Light Box Review and Unboxing

As a comic book reader, there are only a few brands that resonate with anything geek culture related. There is one brand that we all know that has conquered our hearts and minds for generations. Marvel is etched into our minds as they have given us so many heroes and characters. Toynk.Com has a new item that will keep us from the dark with our favorite name. The Marvel comics official logo 17-inch light box is a must have for any comic book collector and reader.

So we did a quick unboxing below of the product we received from, where you can find the video on Youtube. Then we sat down to do a review of the actual product.  We did get it shipped to us a bit banged up from UPS but that didn’t stop us from trying it out.


Here is our review


  • Its Marvel!
    • The name Marvel comics is like bread and bacon to the average comic book reader. How cool to have a light up logo of the actual brand. The light is very bright that you can read your favorite comic in the dark.
  • Collectible
    • I have traveled all around the country to various comics cons and seen some amazing items out there! This item is something I haven’t seen at all in the comic con circuit! values itself as being able to showcase LEGIT items from various companies on their platform. This is a good item to any collector that values Marvel and would like to light up some of their best collections.
  • Lights Up Bright
    • I had a rough time trying to create a very dark atmosphere at my home. I turned off all lights, covered the windows and more. The LED lights are just so bright that they fill up an area when it could be really dark. Even when there was a sensible amount of light in the room, you can still see the power of the light.


  • Heavy
    • The light box is pretty heavy for its size I will admit that. I would have to make sure the screws are tight on the wall to make sure to hold it up.
  • Longer Cord
    • I have a vision of having this hung up for everyone to see in my living room. The length of the cable can be troublesome as it can be a bit short and my outlets are on the bottom edges of my home. I would need to figure out a way to hang it in fun way that doesn’t take away from the light’s effects but still create a cool vibe.

Rating: 9.0 out of 10


Watch Unboxing here:’



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