MARINERIS new track Petrified is out now

Rising Ukrainian pop artist Marineris releases his brand new single ‘Petrified’, out on 29th April.
Following the release of his debut single ‘Another Song About You’, this new track is a second
glimpse into his upcoming album ‘My Band Could Be Your Home’, which he describes as ‘Season 1’,
with each track being an ‘episode’. The album is set for release in Autumn 2021.

To accompany the track, he also releases a vibrant music video which he has entirely self directed.
Behind the name ‘Marineris’ is Alex, a 23-year-old singer, songwriter and producer obsessed with
creating his musical world from scratch, from writing the songs, to production to creating his
music videos.

Straight off the bat, ‘Petrified’ exudes an upbeat charm, layering Marineris’ infectious vocals with
synths and percussion. But when you look beneath the surface, Marineris plays on the
juxtaposition between the upbeat instrumental and a deeper, more thoughtful lyrical content.

Speaking of the track, he says “Petrified” is calling for avoiding emotional numbness that the
digital world sometimes creates inside us. In the world where every human being is attacked with
an endless flow of information, where our attention has a price tag on it, it’s easy to lose a sense of
what we actually want. A million of things are sold to us every day: sneakers, cars, beauty standards,
and even our dreams. But do we truly desire all of this? Will it actually make us happy?

The shot with empathy’s gravestone holds a key to the whole video. It visualises what our gadget
obsession can lead to. This digital overflow is silencing what makes us the most human: our ability
to be compassionate and to feel for other people. In the video, the sky with the “exit” sign becomes
the symbol of reality, somewhere you can always return to from the digital world to actually ‘see

Citing The 1975 and Mura Masa as his biggest musical influences,
Marineris is set to release his first album ‘My Band Could Be Your
Home’ later this year. Just like your Insta feed, it encompasses a
melomaniac variety of styles: from 00s indie rock anthems to
electrifying trap-pop ballads; from Henry Rollins-inspired punk
banger to 80s catchy synth-pop tunes. The album reflects a
teenager’s state of mind, trying to realise itself when the
contemporary world constantly tells him how to feel, look, love;
what to think, eat and choose. The album does not offer a clear-cut
solution, but gives hope that one can cope with these pressures, as
we all live under the roof of the same chaotic house of the 21-st