Mandy Returns to the BIG Screen

A Sir Nick Justice Report


 It’s 2020 and as much as we would love to see new movies during this pandemic, sometimes you just need to relax and enjoy some older films. Especially the TREAT that is MANDY because the only way to watch it is on the big screen. Otherwise you might just question your reality afterward. 


Now that the Pandemic has allowed more businesses such as Drafthouse to be able to allow socially distanced viewings of old and new films at the Park North location in San Antonio, Texas. When arriving up the escalators, entry allowed you to check-in with your digital tickets to scan in as well as temperature checks. Be sure to wear your mask though!


As the theater ran some psychedelic music videos before the movie, I went into seeing Mandy for the first time and almost no information about it other than Nicholas Cage was in it. It would later make sense to me especially when the collectible cheddar goblin Mac N Cheese tied in with a future commercial from the film.


Food did take quite a bit to figure out as I did need to wait about pre-video and 2 trailers before someone rushed a note and pencil for the order on our table. Beforehand it was a potential option to order ahead of time but not directly on their website. About 3 more trailers later and what seemed like lots of staff but no coverage to assist – the order was placed and received about 15 minutes later. Keep in mind that they will ask to hold your card first when ordering and their menu is about half of what it had been. You can check it out before on their website!

Mandy might not make sense to you when you first start watching the first third of the film. But keep in mind that after some character development and brutal drama which will make sense when the “ghost rider” of transformation and hardcore drinking begins. You will know it when you see it. 


The second third was my favorite as you got to see some really good psychotic Cage start to come out as he goes through hell to seek his John Wick moment of retribution. You also start to finally see what is going on in the film explained in a humorous and dramatic manner by Bill Duke. So in case you aren’t sure what’s going on – it’s a great scene to get things better explained.

You really get to see some great inner demon anger for revenge as you see Nicholas Cage going Rambo to the cultists. 

In the final third, you are just absolutely left with the music, the eeriness of the film and its take on referencing its visual take on how religion is represented or justified to those that use it as a blasphemous shield of their true intentions. 

The scenic ending still has me perplexed about the background of the films scenery in it being dimensional, the creatures or humans, and overall state of living in this realm.