Man Eater Xbox Series S Review

During the week, I was looking through my Xbox Game Pass to try and find a game to play later in the week. I wanted to find something that will be exciting and keep my attention. I stumbled across this game called Man Eater! I remember this game from PAX East 2020 in Boston as everyone kept on talking about how cool and exciting it was. I remember the lines were very long and I wasn’t able to try the demo out there. So I downloaded the game to my Xbox Series S and waited for the perfect moment to play this game.

Today, I was able to sit down on my bed to play Man Eater on my Xbox Series S! I have to say this is a fun and unique game. I enjoyed hunting humans and fish while accomplishing certain things to stop the hunters. The controls were a bit hard but will have to take time to remember them on the controller. I did a small review below but I have to say, go out and check out this game! Its pretty damn fun!

Here is the review:


  • Eating Everything
    • I enjoyed not only eating the fish and turtles but you can also hunt and eat humans! You, as a shark, swim throughout the ocean near beaches and you can gobble up anything! I was able to tear me apart some unlucky humans like it was Thanksgiving all over again. I thought this was fun and exciting!
  • Explore Ocean
    • I found fascinating was how vast and beautiful the ocean floor can be! I was able to swim all over the areas away from the beach to see the ocean. The artists did an an amazing job bringing the ocean into full view for the fans in the game. I was hooked by that beauty!


  • Controls
    • I had quite difficulty with using the controls throughout the game. The variety of buttons used throughout the game would confuse me while trying to game and it would hinder my success.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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