Makhno: Ukrainian Freedom Fighter Graphic Novel Review

With the war going on in Ukraine, you wonder if this is Russia’s first time trying to invade the country. Ukraine and Russia have had a terrible history of war against each other for many generations. Many people don’t realize that wars between these two countries have happened in the. With the fighting going on, Ukraine in the past needed a hero to lead them against these tyrants. Nestor Makhno is a figure in Ukrainian history that has led his people against tyrants from Russia and his own homeland.

I was able to sit down and read this graphic novel to watch Nestor Makhno rise against tyranny and lead his people during the revolution. As a fan of history, you will see Nestor against tyrannists such as the Tsar, Lenin and many more. A good read for everyone that wants to see how their revolution started! Freedom shouldn’t be taken lightly! Enjoy our review!


  • Story
    • Nestor Makhno is a revolutionary hero from Ukrainian that fought for his people’s freedom. He fought against many tyrants such as the Tsar of Russia, the rich that would bully the people in Ukrainian and Lenin. The story would start with his life currently, 1934, in Paris as he is living his final days. He is dying and is currently writing his memoir of his life. He goes over major situations that occurred throughout his life that have been influential in his quest to free his people. The decisions he made affected the people around him but continues to inspire a nation that today.
  • Art
    • The art done in this graphic novel is fantastic! You can easily look throughout the pages to see a world that Makhno endured when you would close your eyes. The details are so damn good in this graphic novel! Huge salute to the artists working on this graphic novel.
  • Based on a true story
    • I didn’t realize this was a true story. There really was a Nestor Makhno that found for his people’s rights against tyrants in the Ukraine. As a fan of history, he went against some of the worlds terrible people. He led his people against tyranny and showed them freedoms that they never knew.



Rating: 10 out 10

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