Makers Of The World’s Smartest Chess Boards – Square Off at CES 2021

Square Off at CES 2021

The makers of the world’s smartest chess boards, creating history yet again with their latest innovation.

Mumbai, India – 11 January 2021 Square Off, the former winner of CES Top Tech & Innovation awards, is back at the biggest consumer technology trade show CES 2021. They are all set to showcase their flagship automated chess boards along with revolutionary new Square Off Neo & Swap. With something unique to offer every year, this year too Square Off is set to leave everyone astounded with the announcement of their newest product, the world’s first-ever rollable chess computer.

This rollable chess computer will allow users to play against the built-in AI or with anyone across the globe. It is designed to keep it portable and globally connected. Likely to be released in the market by March 2021, this novel board, ideal for chess students, professionals and enthusiasts alike, would change the entire chess gaming landscape.

Launched in October 2019, two other stellar products- Square Off Neo & Swap are estimated to ship to the early crowdfunding backers by June 2021. Neo is a lighter, faster and affordable chess board, a perfect chess partner. Swap is a first-of-its-kind multi-board game automated device which lets one play Chess, Draughts, Halma and Connect 4, all on a single surface. These two innovations raised more than USD 1,000,000 from 5700+ backers on global crowdfunding platforms. Both these products are likely to be out in the market by the end of this year.

Speaking of their plans for 2021 and CES, the company’s co-founder and CEO Bhavya Gohil says, “Square Off is all set to revolutionize board gaming across the globe and 2021 looks very exciting. We are working round the clock to deliver Neo & Swap to our backers at the earliest. The portable and globally connected rollable chess computer would revive how chess is played.”

Atur Mehta, the CTO, adds, “We have a plethora of features lined up which broadens horizons and enhances the experience of our users. With the integration of Lichess with Square Off, our users now have access to over 70 Million players across the globe.”

Square Off’s products function in the upcoming realm of connected board gaming, with a focus on automated movements, adaptive AI, multi-gaming, global connectivity, and personalized coaching – making the boards quite desirable in the innovators and early adopters’ circles.

Square Off launched its pioneering automated chess board in 2016. For the first time, players could connect with and play against other players from around the world, on their very own board through the power of telerobotics. What started with the first successful Kickstarter campaign, turned into more than 25,000 satisfied users, over 7 Million US dollars in revenue, and USD 1.6 Million in equity funding from investors like Kstart Capital, India Quotient and RB Capital.

About Square Off

Square Off, registered as InfiVention Technologies Private Limited, is a tech start-up based out of Mumbai, India, that’s aiming to connect the world through its smart and evolved board games. Their vision is to innovate and create technologically advanced boards, backed by robotics and AI, for as many games as possible. A firm believer of user feedback, the team travels across the globe to gather more and more suggestions on their prototypes so as to integrate the features that a board game enthusiast seeks. Pioneered by a bunch of passionate guys, InfiVention is working towards bringing back those fun board game days, but with a tech twist.