Make a reservation this October with Chef – A Restaurant Tycoon Game

Build your restaurant empire as cooking management is served up on Steam Early Access

Rome, Italy — July 31, 2018 — Prepare your palate as Italian developer Inner void Interactive today announced that Chef – A Restaurant Tycoon Game will be served up on Steam Early Access this October. Budding restaurateurs can build the gastronomic destination of their dreams, using Chef’s unprecedented level of customization. Managing a restaurant is no joke, and every decision you make influences whether your joint becomes the most happening place in town or just another sad dive along the avenue.

You’ll have to decide every aspect of your budding eatery’s decor, decide the table setting, manage your staff, and shop for supplies. Players can select from dozens of floor and wall materials, with 150+ colour variants, and over 100 appliances and decorations. Your eye for interior design will impact whether it’s local families or high-brow restaurant connoisseurs who frequent your premises. In the ever-changing world of Chef, you’ll have to stay up to speed with current trends as customers are constantly reevaluating what’s in vogue, be it vegan or paleo.

Of course, the best managed restaurant in the world wouldn’t rate well if it didn’t have good food, and that’s where your culinary skills come into play! Utilizing Chef’s astoundingly complex Recipe Editor, you’ll get to craft your cuisine out of 200 hand-drawn ingredients that need to be realistically combined. These dishes will be rated on both taste and aroma, so you’ll have to pull out all the stops to keep your most discerning clientele happy.

Chef merges realistic environment graphics with colourful, cartoony character avatars. In addition to making micro and macro decisions about your eatery, you’ll tweak the appearance and skills of your main character, with an RPG-style progression systemthat will transform a shoemaker into a true master chef, as well as unlocking new templates to use in the Recipe Editor and new unique storylines to follow.

Your first restaurant might start out as the untested, new kid on the food scene but over time expand into an empire known as a Mecca of gastronomy!

“Chef” is a deep, but lighthearted restaurant simulation, mixed together with an emergent narrative and RPG elements, for management game aficionados. It requires a good mix of strategic decision making, creativity and almost constant plate-spinning to keep your customers happy,” said Fabio Distefano, Creative Director at Innervoid Interactive. “We’ll be launching Chef on Steam Early Access this October and look forward to establishing a thriving community of restaurateurs, getting their feedback and evolving Chef into a product worthy of three Michelin stars before it’s ready for commercial launch.”

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