Madden 2021 Xbox Series S Review

I have been a huge fan of football games since discovering them on my NES as a young wee lad! I have played Madden for years on my Sega Genesis all the way to my Xbox 360. Then it lost the fun factor that had my mind and soul hooked for so long with its repetitive and boring game play.  I was able to get the new Xbox Game Pass for my Xbox Series S and decided to try out this out as I had once played as a child.

So I decided to download the full game to my Xbox Series S using my high speed WIFI and play this game that once took my precious young life in its hands. The glamour from the new graphics that were shown on my 4K TV was exciting to get myself started with this review!

Here is the review:


  • Graphics
    • The attention to detail by the artists for this game was astronomical! I felt like I was in a different world with the graphics and how high definition they were showcased! They looked like they are displayed in a high end PC that only true gamers would melt with fantasies!
  • The Playbook
    • Scrolling through the playbook is a football coach’s fantasy! You are shown so many different formations for plays that you can use to win games. I always liked the I formation but I’m leaning more to the shot gun formation as it helped with those blitzes.
  • Fun Factor
    • The game is just fun again! I didn’t want to get off my Xbox to go to sleep! I went to various options to play, some I liked and others I didn’t though. I enjoyed playing a full game against a team that could bulldoze me like it was 1987 all over again!


  • Extra Stuff
    • I like to play a season or play actual full games to make it to the Super Bowl. These “make a card” or whatever type sections is just boring, filler and just doesn’t make it feel like I want to play Madden. Just keep it simple!

Rating: 7 out of 10