LYDIA EVANGELINE new track Raw is out now!

NEW single ‘raw’ – February 14th

Having seen support from BBC Radio 2, BT TV, VEVO and a multitude of Spotify Editorial playlists including New Music Friday UK and New Music Friday USA, Lydia Evangeline makes her stunning return with ‘Raw’, released February 14th. Written based off of her own personal experience with heartbreak, Lydia wanted to release a song on Valentine’s Day for everyone who isn’t celebrating with the person they love, as an anti-valentine’s day soundtrack for all the broken hearts.

Starting her career on YouTube as part of ​Wayward Daughter​, Lydia has amassed ​over 20 million streams on Spotify as a songwriter and ​85,000 subscribers on YouTube​. Lydia has played on ​tour with Elton John​, wrote and featured on one of ​Gareth Emery’s most successful tracks (​Reckless​) and is now returning with fresh single ‘Raw’ after industry wide acclaim for her 2 initial EPs.


Lydia’s nostalgic, piano-assisted ballad builds slowly as a story about her sudden breakup unfolds through Lydia’s cleaver lyricism. Driven forward by her stunning vocals, Lydia is able to create something moving and relatable without losing the unique specificity of her storytelling that makes you feel like you’re watching a movie of her life play out in your earbuds.

Speaking more on the release of ‘Raw’, Lydia explained:

Raw is very…um…raw. It was written very soon after a big and painful break up, and I think I needed to put into words the fact that I was actually lost for words, which I guess is a bit of an oxymoron. The whole song centres around “I might be ready talk, soon or maybe not so soon who knows… But right now, it’s still too raw, too painful, I’m still reeling, grieving, processing, gathering my thoughts and my emotions, reimagining my future, going over and over questions and confusion”.

With the support of her loyal and engaged following, Lydia is set to release ‘Raw’ February 14th. With much more to show the world this year, Lydia is certainly one to watch.


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