LX 2048 Film Review

LX 2048 directed by Guy Moshe is a look into a future where the people are living there lives in VR. Where a world is harmful to be in the sun and the air is toxic. Most choose to live connected and refused to leave their homes. Adam Birde (James D’Arcy) is not one for the VR life with his family he wants the physical connection but his wife and kids are too connected.

A failing heart Adam is trying to save the company he works for to have his family covered after his death. Due to his wife finding him connected with his avatar girlfriend and a messy divorced. He can not save himself in a world of clones and if he dies a new Adam that his wife and made better in her eyes with the upgrades she feels he needs.

He tries to find the creator of the program to try to find help. Reena Adam’s wife talks with a friend and sets up a virtual assassination on Adam. She comes to talk with him about it but the plan was set in motion already. As she leaving they get into an argument he calls her a cunt she turns and walks back getting hit by a car killing her.

Setting in motion an ending you must see to believe. LX 2048 is in a way scary look into a possible future we face. In the world, we live in where we are more and more dependent on technology. The use of VR is becoming greater and the world around us getting worse. In a way this film could come to be is not far fetched. The film has a very sci-fi feel and a Blade Runner and Matrix vibe that I really liked.