Lovebox Gets Even More Loveable Unveiling New Bundles That Make Sharing the Love More Fun

Beautifully designed bamboo digital messaging box that puts a modern twist on the classic love note announces new spinners and accessories, while the company reveals its messaging service app that takes care to a new level!

Las Vegas CES Jan 3 – Lovebox, a modern-day spin on the love note, is showcasing its range of new accessories and bundles that make sharing the love even more fun, safe, and secure. In addition, the French based organization will be demonstrating the ease of caring via it’s all new Lovebox app, that reminds people to send personal, digital messages of love or care, or a physical postcard to anyone anytime.

Lovebox is a Wi-Fi-enabled wooden box that opens to reveal a digital screen that displays messages, pictures, stickers, and drawings. More discrete than a text and more personal than messenger, it has already captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of users by allowing people to deliver special, creative expressions of affection in a uniquely personal way. In Las Vegas, during CES, Lovebox will be presenting its portfolio of new bundles – including the Surprise bundle which comes with a secret insert tray within the lid where little gifts, (or engagement rings) can be hidden.

Not wanting to be exclusively for lovers, the news range of spinners being showcased at CES highlight that Lovebox’s are for everyone. From kids to grandparents, friends to family, the new spinners bundles add more personalization and choice to your Lovebox.

The Lovebox universe is expanding further too! Not only will the stunning selection of products be showcased, but the new Lovebox App will also take center stage. The new Lovebox app is the first to give its users the opportunity to brighten the days of their loved ones through a real ‘loving and caring’ application that allows them to set goals, schedule reminders (for birthdays, anniversaries etc) and be rewarded with Lovecoins every time they send a loving note, or gift to a loved one. Lovecoins enable users to ‘unlock’ additional templates and stickers.

Users can download the new Lovebox app and share messages, videos, photos and love notes with anyone via their preferred messaging service including WhatsApp, iMessage, Twitter and more. In addition, they can choose to send a real, physical postcard or greeting card note of affection. Users of the new app can create their own love message from a video or photo, or use one of the hundreds of templates created by Lovebox’s network of artists. Each template can then be further personalized with text, stickers or drawings to make it truly unique.

Lovebox was born out of love when created in 2015 by CEO and Founder CEO and founder Jean Gregoire. After moving from France to Boston to pursue his Ph.D. at MIT he created Lovebox to stay connected with his fiancé Melodie who remained an ocean way. Now commercially available, it has captured the public’s imagination, has been responsible for countless marriage proposals, millions of moments of joy, and most recently, a TikTok sensation with thousands of videos and millions of views of people sharing the love.

The new Lovebox accessories, bundles, and spinners will be available from Lovebox. Love priced at $124.99 – $129.99

New bundles also include:

Lovebox Pride

Be proud of who you love with the new Lovebox Pride. This colorful, symbolic heart is going to be adored by the LGBTQ+.

The ‘Yes I Do’ Lovebox

This stunning golden pixel heart Lovebox with surprise insert tray is just perfect for popping the question. Hide the ring inside then digitally propose from anywhere.

Lovebox Good Vibes

Every day can be a sunshine day with the new ‘Sunny’ spinner.  It’s the perfect friendship Lovebox, for the person who brings a ‘ray of sunshine’ to your life.

The Lovebox for Kids

For kids that love to receive messages, this is ‘purrfect’. Watch your child’s face light up when the delightful emoji cat starts to spin, and they open the box to a lovely note from a loving parent, grandparent, or best friend.

About Lovebox

Founded in 2015 in France, Lovebox was created when the founder Jean Gregoire tries to stay connected with his fiancé an ocean away. Through the free Lovebox app, users can easily send messages up to 264 characters to their loved one’s Lovebox as well as photos, stickers, and drawings colored photos.

Redesigned in 2017 by French designer Xavier Houy to become the product beloved today, the original Lovebox is made from bamboo with a red pixel heart on the front. In the era of text messaging, Lovebox combines the sentiment of letters with the efficiency of texts, making sending love notes a whole new experience.