Love Someone by Georgia Rose is out now!

Love Someone by Georgia Rose is out now! I have the pleasure of getting to be able to hear this track and I have to say its so beautifully designed and created. This well produced single showcases and highlights the fantastic voice of Georgia Rose. I can close my eyes to imagine myself looking out at a window into the the busy streets of NYC. With the crowd of people going in all directions, I just can’t see anyone’s faces or concentrate on them. The sounds of music come into an echo and a face of a person singing the tunes comes into view. I awake from this daydream to notice that the song is finished and I must push play again in order to get back to that moment. Georgia Rose gives you a hint of what her heart holds while she gives her love into this song. You just melt when her voice entices the music that is heard in the air. I dig this track!

listen now: