Lost TV Show Hulu Review

When I was 18 years old, I heard of this show called Lost which came out on the channel ABC. I, being young and naive, just shrugged it off and didn’t give it a chance. Now many moons later, the show is available to watch on Hulu with all the seasons of the show. I combed my hair and took the dive to watch the show on Hulu.

Man…..after watching the show….I was missing some greatness!

The story is about a group of people surviving a plane crash on this secluded island. Many of the people’s stories are shown through the first season, so you can get a mind of how everyone ticks and works. The writing in this show is amazing and gives life to everyone in the show. You learn everything about the characters of their previous life prior to the island and then themselves growing while on the island. The story grows unimaginably through out the next few seasons and I loved every minute of it!

You can watch Lost on Hulu here: