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Long Weekend film Review

Long Weekend a film directed by Steve Basilone starring Finn Wittrock (Bart) and Zoe Chao (Vienna). Bart a guy who is in a not-so-hot place in his life. Dealing with a breakup and some mental health issues after the breakup. Bart is dodging phone calls from his doctor as well as his ex. He goes out for a drink and a movie which is about to change his life in a huge way. A young woman wakes him up after falling asleep at the movie. Leaving he is chased down by Vienna to give him the items he left at the theater.

Starting a unique friendship and love affair like no other. In a whirlwind of a first date to say the least Bart is stepping into a life-changing love affair. Vienna is an odd woman and full of some major secrets that will not be good for Bart’s mental health. Bart starts to fall for Vienna he comes to a point where he needs to know her true deal what is she hiding. Vienna comes clean and Bart does not believe her but his feelings get the best of him.

Vienna time is limited and they decided to make the best of it leading to them falling in love. Vienna knows she can’t stay long and Bart’s still not believing her story he takes her to a hospital to have her talk with a doctor that helps him when he came unraveled. As Vienna gets called she turns back and tells him she loves him and what they had was real. Bart has a brain tumor rupture and as fate would have it he was at the hospital and is saved. Bart comes to in a hospital bed asking for Vienna only to told she was gone and could not be found anywhere. Leaving Bart in an even more confused spot but it is all bad for him in the end.

This film was not a typical romance film at all which made this film a good watch. The Story was well written and Bart and Vienna were cast spot on. There is so much I left out in the review not to spill all the beans. Vienna’s backstory will leave you scratching your head, to say the least. Bart’s story is one that you feel for him with all he has gone through. Making for an amazing film to sit back and open a bottle of wine and enjoy this not-so-normal love story.

Overall I give this one a 7.5 out of 10 for a good story well casted and a unique twist on the story. A story that will make you think could it happen. I would of like to have seen Vienna’s story at the end and if she was able to do what she set out to. A must-watch just to hear Vienna’s story and see how it played out. Check this one out now on Digital and DVD on May 25th.